About this project

mar 2013 croppedWelcome!

This project focuses on using Learning Portfolios for deeper, integrated learning and includes development through separate pages and posts. For a full report of the research and development related to this project, download this document.

This site focuses on using Learning Portfolios in three different ways:

  • As an individual, for a “stand alone” personal exploration activity for greater self awareness, leading potentially to greater self-integration and fulfillment
  • As a teacher, designed as an integral course element that stimulates deeper learning and exhibits evidence of learning
  • Across a program, used broadly from multiple courses, for “reflection-in-action” about particular concepts and connections, as well as summative reflection related to program outcomes and identity development

Support pages include:

Some posts related to deeper, core topics can be found directly on the Posts page. For example, I’ve used one to explain why I focused on Learning Portfolios and another to share some reasons that Reflection is so important. I also used posts to write my personal learning experience reflections for an example of  the results of the individual process described on the About You – making connections from a collage of reflections page.

Please comment or email, I look forward to learning from your feedback!

Suzanne <skroeze@csumb.edu>

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