About YOU – make connections from a collage of reflections!

My HipBones game results

Play a HipBones game with your results and see some of your connections! This board shows connections related to the Learning Experiences I examined.

Developing a Deeper Look at YOU

Here is a process to help you see yourself in new ways, that may also help you make your next move on life’s path …

As many realize painfully, “gainful” employment does not guarantee a sense of cohesiveness and fulfillment. Erik Erikson describes a life culminating in a sense of “ego integrity” as one in which one has accepted life’s natural responsibilities and found balance (Erikson, 1980, p. 104-5). When thinking of decisions about livelihood, I am also reminded of a Quaker Query  asking, “Do I make my work, whatever it may be, an avenue for doing good?” A sense that one is “doing good” through one’s work contributes to  the “sense of purpose” that we need to sustain our motivation for any work we choose. Check out this cool video by Daniel Pink on The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

So, how can you discover your own best path to a sense of purpose and fulfillment? A good place to begin, is with a deeper conscious awareness of how your skills, knowledge,  and values combine to develop your potential as a contributing human being. To develop such awareness, try the following activities to examine and learn from some of your key learning experiences.

How to approach this Project

The set of activities described in the following sections can take a significant amount of time if you immerse yourself and allow yourself to engage in each step. I suggest reading through all of the sections to develop a “big picture” in your mind of where you’re going. The following diagram illustrates the process I’m recommending. To address this project thoroughly you’ll need to dedicate a minimum of eleven hours. You can do this in stages. Plan to make “stress free” time available. Completing steps at the “last minute” will reduce your discovery possibilities.

A process flow chart for developing a collage of reflections about you

The Process for Developing a “Collage” of reflections about YOU

Project Stages – the time estimates are minimums: 

Step 1: Identify key learning experiences and select 3 (1 hr)

Step 2: Establish a WordPress blog for your reflections (1 hr)

Step 3: Develop three reflections (3 hrs)

Step 4: Complete your skills/experience worksheet (2 hr)

Step 5: Play a Hipbone Game (2 hr)

Step 6: Develop a “collage” reflection sharing your discoveries (2 hrs)


A complete Example from Summer 2013

In addition to the examples I’ve shared from my own reflections, you may also explore Autumn Hays’ work from her completion of BUS 498, Summer 2013. Her portfolio includes not only her personal reflection results but also the other three projects assigned for BUS 498, the Internship Overview, the Learning Outcomes Reflections, and the Internship Summing Up.

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