Complete your Skills-Experience-Action Worksheet

image of my skill-experience-action worksheet

First page of my skill-experience-action worksheet

Concentrate Your Worksheet

Once you’ve completed all three reflections, including selecting images and developing titles, save your worksheet, then save it again with a new name, such as: yourname_skill-exp-action_ws_stage2.

Edit your stage2 worksheet to keep only the skill/knowledge rows that you marked for at least two learning experiences. The purpose for this is to concentrate your final activity efforts in the most used areas. However, if the majority of your skills are only used in one experience, then use your judgement. You can always delete rows later, and you can always insert rows if you want to add some back in.

Define Specific Tasks Accomplished

Notice the third column of your Skills-Experience-Action Worksheet with the heading: Tasks accomplished using the skill. In this column, develop lists of specific tasks or activities you completed that involved using each  skill/knowledge area you identified. Start each phrase with a verb. Use the present tense if the task you identify is one you continue doing. For example, in the information literacy row of my worksheet, one of the tasks I listed is: “Research subjects to find relevant information.”

Identify Specific Strengths and Weaknesses

Use the two sections of your worksheet entitled: Particular Strengths Identified During Reflections, and Particular Weaknesses Identified During Reflections, to record your summarized thoughts related to these prompts. You may wish to reread each reflection before recording your summary ideas.

Identify Values, Patterns, Themes

Reread your reflections and write down any ideas that come to you about the values, patterns, and themes that consistently influence your actions. Use the corresponding section of the worksheet to record your summary results. If you have the chance,  get feedback from someone else on this. Ask someone you do not know very well – like me for example – to read your reflections and give you some outside perspective on the values, patterns, and themes that they believe your experience reflections indicate. You will probably learn something by comparing their list to yours.

Create Some Action Plans

Use the final section of your worksheet to record any ideas you have about next steps you could take employing strengths and/or weaknesses you’ve identified, in ways that are consistent with your values.

Create Some Action Plans

You are welcome to examine the worksheet I developed through this process, skill-experience-action worksheet.


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