Develop a “Collage” reflection sharing your discoveries

Summarize your Discoveries while creating a collage of connections

HipBone game from SU 13 BUS 298

A HipBone game showing connections made by a student taking BUS 498 SU 13.

Create a new post in your WordPress blog, dedicated to summarizing your findings through your reflections, including your worksheet development. You’re welcome to read my summary of my reflections.

  • Develop a narrative that summarizes the core skills and knowledge related to your experiences in connection with specific accomplishments, and any patterns you discovered related to values that motivate you.
  • Include a section with a summary discussion of strengths and weaknesses you’ve identified.
  • Close by sharing some future actions you could take that would employ your strengths while also addressing some weakness that may be holding you back from further growth and satisfaction.
  • Be creative.
  • Include links to your reflections.
  • Include the images you chose for your reflections, or others.
  • Include a picture of yourself.
  • Include your HipBones Game.
  • Have fun!

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